other campaign groups in scotland

Balfour Declaration  www.balfourdeclaration.org 2017 will mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.  Mindful of Britain’s responsibility, the Balfour Project will encourage understanding of what led to the Balfour Declaration, and what flowed from it. 

Cross Party Group on Palestine www.scottish.parliament.uk/msp/crossPartyGroups This group meets in the Scottish Parliament with the aim: “To establish a link between Palestinians working, living or studying in Scotland, and civic Scotland - and to provide a forum for discussion on issue facing the Palestinian people in general and the Palestinian National Authority in particular.”

Dundee / Nablus Twinning Association www.dundee-nablus.org.uk This association exists to encourage friendship and understanding between the people of Nablus and the people of Dundee.

Edinburgh University Palestine Solidarity Society edunipalsoc@googlemail.com This society works to educate the student body about Israel/ Palestine and to raise awareness about the injustices which the Palestinian people are currently being subjected to as a direct result of Israeli governmental policies. They hold fortnightly meetings to discuss general issues as well as to plan campaigning. They have hosted and co-hosted a variety of successful educational events - including film lectures with prominent speakers, photography exhibitions, charity fundraisers (recently a food fair which raised over £360 for Medical Aid for Palestinians) and debates. They are closely linked to the Right to Education Campaign, and recently hosted an photography exhibition by students of Birzeit and An-Najah Universities in the West Bank. 

El Fanoun Theatre Group in Scotland en-gb.facebook.com/elfunoun.scotland  El Fanoun is an established group for Palestinian Culture and Art who attempt to exhibit Palestinian culture in Scotland. This group consists of local community members who have flourished these past four years with the help of countless local volunteers of all nationalities and religions. In between putting on small dramas in the Edinburgh summer festival fringe, El Funoun Group run an Arabic cultural workshop relying to a large extent on volunteers as well.

Falkirk Twinning Group www.twinningwithpalestine.net

Forth Valley Palestine Group  forthvalleypalestinegroup@gmail.com

Glasgow PSC/UK

GroundForce Gaza  www.groundforcegaza.co.uk Currently GroundForce Gaza consists of unpaid volunteers in Scotland and in Gaza who were sick of seeing the suffering of the Palestinians and wanted to make a difference no matter how small. They work with trusted people on the ground to help individual people and families directly with their needs and requirements e.g. buying medicines, food, chickens, donkeys etc. that will help them to become self-sufficient.

Heriot-Watt Friends of Palestine https://www.facebook.com/HWFriendsofPalestine?ref=ts&fref=ts A Palestine solidarity group

Highland Palestine https://www.facebook.com/HighlandPalestine A network of people across the Scottish Highlands who support the Palestinian people’s struggle for self-determination.

Investing in Peace in Palestine and Israel  IPPI is a group of concerned people of faith in the Stirling and Clackmannanshire area who, in support of the Christian Aid initiative, pray for peace in Palestine and Israel on the 24th of each month. IPPI also organises occasional events to raise awareness. If you are interested in being put on their email list contact Alan Howes

Justice for Palestine  www.j4p.org.uk Justice for Palestine is NGO, an independent organisation in Glasgow and is not affiliated to any political organisation. Justice for Palestine campaigns for justice for Palestine and the Palestinian people, according to UN resolutions.

Oban Concern for Palestine Group www.obanconcern4palestine.wordpress.com Oban Concern for Palestine is a group of Argyll residents who share an interest in Palestine, a friendship with its people and a deep concern for their welfare. They believe that the oppression of the Palestinian people is a grave wrong and that we have a duty to speak up and do what we can to bring it to an end.  It welcomes new members and supporters. If you have any questions, or would like to know more. Please get in touch at ObanConcern4Palestine@gmail.com, or call Graeme at 01631 563 737

Olive Tree  This is a small voluntary group in the west of Scotland with the aim of promoting a wider understanding of the situation in the Holy Land today by supporting people, especially women and children in the occupied territories by selling traditional crafts, olive oil and soap produced by artisans, cooperatives and families in refugee camps. If you are interested in having them provide a stall of crafts at your event, get in touch with them.  For more information download their flyer or call 10505 612923 or email Juliet. 

Scottish Palestine Human Rights Campaign www.sphrc.org The SPHRC was formed early in 2003 after visiting the West Bank. After time spent in the Refugee Camps and after conversations with various people living in the Camps they were shocked to see the poverty and injustices inflicted upon the Palestinian people by the Israeli Occupation Forces. The three aims of the campaign are: (i) to highlight what the Israeli Occupation Forces are doing to the Palestinian people; (ii) to fundraise for the Palestinian people; and (iii) to actually get people over to the refugee camps and live and work with the people in them

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign: www.scottishpsc.org.uk In addition to several talks by prominent speakers in various cities in Scotland, the local SPSC groups have information stalls that provide information on the Palestinian struggle against Israeli military occupation. It promotes a number of specific campaigns related to the Palestinian issue.

STEPS: St Andrew’s Education for Palestinian Students: www.stepspalestine.org.uk STEPS (St Andrews Education for Palestinian Students) was established in January 2011 as an independent charitable foundation to provide maintenance and travel expenses for Palestinian students studying at the University of St Andrews. 

Students for Justice in Palestine: sjp.eusa.ed.ac.uk  or  facebook.com/edinburghsjp

Women in Black Scotland: www.wibs.org.uk Women in Black is a network of women world-wide committed to peace with justice and opposed to war and other forms of violence. We wear black to mourn all victims of war, the destruction of people and of nature. We aim to educate, inform and influence public opinion, to make war an unthinkable option.